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Why is important to use a licensed roof plumber ? As with all types of work you wouldn't hire a dentist to fix your toilet, nor a painter to install your tiled floor. When you consider warranty and longevity and the outlay of cost involved in renovations and new builds, it makes sense to


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Roof Insulation Metal roof insulation is the best way to control condensation, temperature and reduce unwanted noise. Roofing insulation/blanket consists of a lightweight flexible bulk mineral insulation blanket faced on one side with reflective foil laminate. The blanket material is available in various R-values and thicknesses. R-value means the thermal resistance (m2 K/W) of


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Scaffold - taking the extra step! AusStyle Roofing hires only professional scaffolding companies on the Central Coast and in Sydney. It is important that care is taken when scaffolding to avoid breaks, scuffs, scratches to your property. We love when our scaffolding companies go the extra mile by laying carpet down under the scaffold


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Damage hail can cause Hail can cause a tile roof (terracotta and concrete) to crack and break, often the tile corners will break where the hail impacts. It is important after a storm to have your roof inspected for damage as it may sometimes not present itself till later through leaks or loosening of