Why is important to use a licensed roof plumber ?

As with all types of work you wouldn’t hire a dentist to fix your toilet, nor a painter to install your tiled floor. When you consider warranty and longevity and the outlay of cost involved in renovations and new builds, it makes sense to Do It Right The First Time!


Roof plumbing includes all fixing, installation, renovation, alteration, repair and maintenance of guttering, downpipes, roof flashing, and roof covering including metal walls and ceilings on any building or structure. And includes the installation of skylights and ventilators and does not involve structural modification of the roof.

The below roof horrors are just one example where a Licenced Roof Plumber was NOT engaged to re-roof a person’s home. This roof is now approximately 12 months old and is showing significant corrosion since installation. The installer has been fined a significant sum for not being licensed and the client is now seeking compensation.

The first two images below show many errors, however the one we will make note of here is that no flashing has been used at change of pitch. The lower roof pitch is almost flat at 2° and the incorrect sheet profile has been used for this pitch. This has immediately voided the warranty on this roof.

The third image is a roof installed by AusStyle Roofing showing the roof intersection and the correct change of pitch.

Roofing horror Image 1. Change of pitch point.

Roof horror image 2. Change of pitch point at valley join.

Correct change of pitch image on a recent Central Coast re-roof.


Only engage a qualified Roof Plumber to install or fix your metal roof, gutters and downpipes.

Ask for their licence details. Check their licence online.

Check on Service NSW:

Roof plumbers are responsible for installing and maintaining the equipment and structures of a roof, and include:Licensed Roof Plumber

  • Using material such as metal and polycarbonate to cover and protect roof structures.
  • Ensuring that roof penetrations are flashed to prevent leaking.
  • Installing fixtures such as downpipes, safety mesh, guttering, roof safety system.

Your qualified Roof Plumber will understand the materials required to ensure your roof complies with Australian Standards.


Licensed Roof PlumberThis roof was damaged on installation – multiple dents, scratches were touched up with paint. The discolouration on the roof is a combination of the oxidisation of the touch up paint and early corrosion of the roof sheets. The roofer has installed 0.42bmt. AusStyle Roofing uses 0.48bmt only. More information on why AusStyle Roofing chooses to use 0.48bmt over 0.42bmt.

Below is an exert from BlueScope Steel.


Bluescope – Technical Bulletin 2. Overpainting and restoration of exterior BlueScope Steel products. November 2015 | Rev 11

BlueScope Steel does not recommend the use of touch-up paint to repair damage or scratches to the painted surface. As explained above, air- drying paints have different weathering characteristics to COLORBOND® steel, leading to variations in appearance over time where touch-up paint has been used. BlueScope Steel has no recommended method for the removal of touch-up paint.

Minor scratches (< 2mm in width and unnoticeable from ground level) should be left alone as the available metallic coating will protect against corrosion.

If scratches are more noticeable on new material, it is the recommendation of BlueScope Steel to replace the affected product.


The below two images show the incorrect installation of ridge to valley join. The incorrect positioning of screws on the ridge, finishing point of the ridge and the subsequent hole left for possible water penetration.

The third image shows a roof recently installed to Australian Standards by AusStyle Roofing of a similar ridge to valley join.

Roofing horror Image 3. Possible water penetration due to gap.

Roof horror image 4. Ridge to Valley junction.

Correct installation completed by AusStyle Roofing of ridge to valley join on a recent Central Coast re-roof.

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