Who can install my new Colorbond roof?

This is the most important choice the home or property owner needs to make prior to installing a new Colorbond roof. The wrong choice can lead to a voided warranty and an incorrectly installed roof, which will leak, causing all sorts of dramas such as staining internal gyprock, mould and water damage in the roof cavity, just to name a few!

A LICENSED ROOF PLUMBER is the only person that should be installing your new roof, not your builder, carpenter or mate!!

Many tradesmen/builders think that it’s easy to install a metal roof and will often incorporate it into their work to add profit for themselves. What the home owner doesn’t realise, is that unless the tradesman/builder has a roof plumbing license attached to his trade license, the roofs Colorbond product warranty is null and void. Always check your tradesman’s license and those of who he employs on your behalf!

Would you have a dentist perform heart surgery on yourself or family? Didn’t think so… same goes for your biggest asset, your investing in it so use a roofing specialist to “DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!”

AusStyle Roofing provides obligation free quotes to all customers for both new roofs and roof repairs.

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These photos below show what can happen if you don’t use a qualified installer! We had to replace the whole roof which had just been installed by an un-qualified tradesman. Unfortunately for the clients, they now have to lodge a claim with the Department of Fair Trading NSW to get their money back. Always check a tradesman’s license number.

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