What profile sheet should I use on my roof?

Designs of roofs differ from house to house and you and/or your roofer will need to choose the appropriate profile sheets for the pitch and design of your homes roof. There are many different roof sheet profiles and each one has a specific function as well as how it looks. AusStyle Roofing recommend the Colorbond range of roofing products, built for Australian conditions, built to last. The 3 most common profiles used in domestic housing are Custom Orb, Trimdek & Kliplok sheets.


Custom Orb roof sheets are probably the most common profile used on domestic housing and when most people think of Colorbond roofing, they think of this corrugated profile. Although it is very popular, it is not suitable for all kind of roofs and to be warranted by Bluescope Steel, its application needs to meet certain standards.

These standards are:

  • It cannot be used for a roof with a pitch of under 5 degrees
  • Depending on the BMT of the sheets used, there are specific batten spacing requirements.

Custom Orb


Trimdek roofing has bold trapezoidal ribs and subtle fluting in the pans and is fixed with screws. This profile of roof sheeting is for roofs with a pitch of 2 degrees and above.



Kliplok roof sheets have a stong rib rising from flat pans with longitudinal fluting, offering long, straight lines for a crisp and clean finish. This profile sheet is suitable for roofs with a pitch of over 1 degree and is fastened using concealed klips and is ideal for those flat roofs. It also allows for wider batten spacing.


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