Which is better a tiled roof or a Colorbond roof?

Each has advantages and disadvantages and it boils down to individual choice, once all the product specifications have been evaluated by both the customer and roofing contractor.

Colorbond roofing weighs less than tiles, so it is a good option for an old roof where the roof or building structure has begun to sag, crack or twist under the weight of the old tiled roof. A Colorbond roof will also tend to tie the whole roof together making it stronger.

Colorbond roofing is a more versatile product, which can be used on any pitch and used in all roofing designs from the simple A-frame roof to a complex architecturally designed roof. It easily contains and directs the flow of water off the roof regardless of pitch.

Tiled roofs are more susceptible to damage than a metal roof by hail and tree branches as even new tiles can crack and subsequently leak, where as Colorbond sheets may be dented by these and not penetrated leaving the roof watertight. And arguably, a new Colorbond roof modernises any home new or old!

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