Do I need a new roof and what is involved with re-roofing my house?

As tile roofs age, they can develop a multitude of issues.

Some of the most common issues of an aged tile roof are:

  • The mortar/pointing work breaks down meaning the ridge caps can become loose, letting moisture in and possibly the displacement of the cap in high winds.
  • The tiles become brittle and porous as the glazing has been worn off over many years, making the tile easy to break and also tiles will now start to absorb water instead of repelling it, allowing water to enter the roof cavity – the beginning of water damage internally.
  • Valleys rust over time and roof flashings start to break down.

At this point re-roofing becomes the best option and its better to do it sooner rather than later, keeping water damage to a minimum.

Colorbond metal sheeting has become the most popular choice today for home owners when re-roofing their home. It’s aesthetic appeal, various design capabilities and incredible durability, along with its minimal need for maintenance has made it the product of choice for new, existing and commercial roofing projects.

Colorbond roofs are lightweight, exceptionally resistant to extreme weather events, thermally more efficient than tiles and are less of a security risk, as it is difficult to open a section of the roof without the proper tools.

The concept of metal re-roofing is quite straightforward, re-roofing involves the removal of the current roofing material and then the installation of a new metal roof to the existing roof frame.

Based on a careful inspection and evaluation of your roofing needs, AusStyle Metal Roofing will provide you with a detailed plan on how to proceed. In most cases, this will involve stripping down a large part or all of the elements that make up your current roof and replacing them with new materials and framing, or even a completely new roofing system with an entirely different structure.

Many people don’t understand the importance of all the steps involved and end up trying to cut costs on their re-roofing project. However, not hiring a licensed, knowledgeable roofing expert can lead to delays, huge expenses and sometimes even the entire job having to be redone completely.

AusStyle Metal Roofing’s professional approach to re-roofing

There are three main stages to installing a new roof:

  1. The initial process of measuring the roof and advising correct products for your project
  2. The preparation of the home and roof including access to roof, safety and skip bins
  3. The installation of the new roofing system and final clean up.

Here, we will take a look at the steps which AusStyle Metal Roofing use when replacing an old or damaged roofing system with a quality metal roof:

Step 1

First of all, AusStyle Metal Roofing will examine your old roof, taking a careful account of all the roofing and guttering measurements to avoid any issues down the track. ( Do It Right The First Time )

Step 2

Next, AusStyle Metal Roofing will analyse the data and come up with an accurate estimate, while giving you recommendations so you can make an informed choice in regards to materials and features to be used. It is extremely important that you clearly communicate with us at AusStyle Metal Roofing exactly what you want from your new roofing system.

Step 3

Initial preparation involves using proper safety precautions and thoroughly clearing and cleaning the area to facilitate the creation of an ideal work environment.

Step 4

The AusStyle Metal Roofing team will start stripping away existing tiles and metal flashings around vents, chimneys and valleys in the roof, ultimately removing the old roof in its entirety to make way for the new installation. In the process, the structure of the roof is carefully inspected, and any water damage or rotten roof battens are replaced.

Step 5

Occasionally, when installing new metal roofing, batten measurements have to be taken, and the old battens need to be replaced with steel roof battens to comply with building codes and manufacturer specifications.

Step 6

After laying down a layer of reflective foil or other type of insulation – depending on specific needs – AusStyle Metal Roofing experts will quickly begin installing your chosen new metal profile roof. This will also be adjusted to fit perfectly into all areas of your roof – including around chimneys and vents

Step 7

In some cases, before adding the flashing and finishing the job, the AusStyle Metal Roofers may also install additional profile infill using silicone adhesive. This will provide improved durability, waterproofing and insulation in the long run.

Step 8

Finally, re-roofing can be quite a messy job. At AusStyle Metal Roofing we pride ourselves on not only delivering an awesome new roof but ensure you do not have to lift a finger as we make sure the site is cleaned to the highest of standards.

Step 9

Sit back, relax and enjoy your new roof with the knowledge that when the next big rains come, you will have a great, stress free sleep!

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