What profile sheet should I use on my roof?

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Designs of roofs differ from house to house and you and/or your roofer will need to choose the appropriate profile sheets for the pitch and design of your homes roof. There are many different roof sheet profiles and each one has a specific function as well as how it looks. AusStyle Roofing recommend the

Why is BMT important?

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The BMT rating of the sheet is important as it dictates the spans that can be used for support. The higher the BMT, the larger the span between the roofs supports. The higher BMT is stronger and less easily dented or fractured, especially when people are accessing the roof to clean gutters and perform maintenance,

What are Colorbond Ultra roof sheets?

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Standard Colorbond steel will suit most home designs and locations but there are specialist grades to suit more demanding environments. Colorbond Ultra Steel roof sheets are designed especially for severe coastal and industrial environments where there is salt spray in the air (approximately 100-200m from breaking surf) or where there is the effect of industrial

How much does a roof replacement cost?

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The cost to replace your roof can vary considerably depending on a whole range a factors such as access, the pitch of the roof, whether guttering and insulation is to be done at the same time, to name a few. Basically, every roof is different so an experienced estimator will come out, at a time

Should I replace or restore my roof?

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This is a common question and fundamentally depends on two factors: How bad the existing roof is and your budget. The only way to know how bad the roof really is, is to get a un-biased professional opinion. One important thing to remember is: The longer you leave it, the more likely it is that

Should I use Zincalume or Colorbond for my roof?

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This is really a question of what look you are after and your budget. Colorbond has zincalume steel as its base and is then painted with multi-layer, patented methods that have been tried and tested in Australian conditions. Zincalume is a fantastic product but Colorbond is far superior in terms of its durability and look.

Which is better a tiled roof or a Colorbond roof?

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Each has advantages and disadvantages and it boils down to individual choice, once all the product specifications have been evaluated by both the customer and roofing contractor. Colorbond roofing weighs less than tiles, so it is a good option for an old roof where the roof or building structure has begun to sag, crack or

Who can install my new Colorbond roof?

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This is the most important choice the home or property owner needs to make prior to installing a new Colorbond roof. The wrong choice can lead to a voided warranty and an incorrectly installed roof, which will leak, causing all sorts of dramas such as staining internal gyprock, mould and water damage in the