Do You Need a New Colorbond Roof?

Does Your Tiled Roof Need Replacing?

When your tiled roof is aging (15 years and above) or it has minor/major leaking problems, it is most likely time to consider replacing it.

As tile roofs age, they can develop a multitude of issues.

Some of the most common issues of an aged tile roof are:

  • The mortar/pointing work breaks down meaning the ridge caps can become loose, letting moisture in and possibly the displacement of the cap in high winds.
  • The tiles become brittle and porous as the glazing has been worn off over many years, making the tile easy to break and also tiles will now start to absorb water instead of repelling it, allowing water to enter the roof cavity – the beginning of water damage internally.
  • Valleys rust over time and roof flashings start to break down.

At this point re-roofing becomes the best option and its better to do it sooner rather than later, keeping water damage to a minimum.

Should you replace your roof with tiles or Colorbond?

  1. Weight – Colorbond is much lighter than tile roofing, as much as 90% lighter. Not only does this mean that handling and installation is easier and faster but the roofing subframe is not subject to heavy loading and you can even use lighter battens and space rafters further apart for another cost saving.
  2. Lifespan – Colorbond roofs can have a life expectancy of up to 70 years whereas tile roofs are easily damaged and prone to cracking under typical Australian weather extremes. Problem leaks also frequently occur round the ridge capping areas on tile roofs. Colorbond ridge flashings are much simpler to install and more reliable.
  3. Water collection – older tile roofs absorb a certain amount of water, which not only adds to the weight of the roof but reduces the amount of water you can collect. This may prove critical in times of severe drought. Tiles tend to crack and the resulting dirt build-up encourages the growth of moss and mould that can contaminate your drinking water. With a Colorbond roof all the rain is collected as clean water fit for household use.
  4. Maintenance – Colorbond roofs offer a low maintenance roofing solution with a stable surface. Even when maintenance work is needed such as cleaning or repainting there is little chance of damage to the metal roofing panels. On the other hand, tile roofs frequently crack exposing the sub roofing to water damage and allowing a build up of dirt. Simply walking on a tile roof may be enough to dislodge or crack tiles. Heavy tile roofs may even require periodic strengthening or replacement of roofing support structures.
  5. Security – Colorbond roofs provide less of a security risk, as it is difficult to open a section of the roof without the proper tools.
  6. Insulation – as a minimum Colorbond Roofs should be installed with a 55 mm thick foil adhered insulation blankets under them. This blanket provides thermal, acoustic and condensation protection. This isn’t the case with tile roofs which are commonly installed with just plain foil or sometimes without even that under them.
  7. Design flexibility – Colorbond roofing is much more flexible for designers than tile roofing. That’s why we’ve seen a swing of architecturally designed buildings being specified in metal roofing rather then tiles in recent years. With many colour choices and design options Colorbond roofing is a creative designers dream product.

One of the other big advantages of Colorbond steel roofing over tile roofing is that you can install Colorbond on very low pitch or even flat roofs.

Tile roofs require an adequately pitched roof angle to avoid leaks.

Australian Zincalume comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 20 years and Colorbond’s warranty is 25 years. These are tried, tested and proven materials for Australian conditions as well as looking great!

The Process

The concept of metal re-roofing is quite straightforward, re-roofing involves the removal of the current roofing material and then the installation of a new metal roof to the existing roof frame.

AusStyle Metal Roofing will come out to inspect your roof, we will discuss the options available for your roof, assess the site conditions and look out for any special conditions or requirements you and your particular property might require.

AusStyle Metal Roofing will measure your roof and provide you with a detailed free quote for your new colorbond roof, making sure we get the quote “Done right the first time”, and you don’t get any potential nasty surprises.

For more information on site and installation procedures click here.

AusStyle Metal Roofing’s professional approach to re-roofing

There are three main stages to installing a new roof:

  1. The initial process of measuring the roof and advising correct products for your project
  2. The preparation of the home and roof including access to roof, safety and skip bins
  3. The installation of the new roofing system and final clean up.

Why Choose AusStyle Metal Roofing to install your new roof?

This is the most important choice the home or property owner needs to make prior to installing a new Colorbond roof. The wrong choice can lead to a voided warranty and an incorrectly installed roof, which will leak, causing all sorts of dramas such as staining internal gyprock, mould and water damage in the roof cavity, just to name a few!

A LICENSED ROOF PLUMBER is the only person that should be installing your new roof, not your builder, carpenter or mate!!

AusStyle Roofing is your locally owned and operated metal roofing contractors which has been servicing Sydney and the Central Coast for 16 years. We have $20 million public liability insurance and full worker’s compensation insurance.

AusStyle Metal Roofing do not use sub-contractors, all our roofing professional have many years of experience and are fully qualified in all aspects of roofing.


  • Licensed Roof Plumber
  • WH&S Green Card
  • Working At Heights
  • Elevated Work Platform
  • Asbestos Cement Removal
  • Advanced Rigger
  • Advanced Scaffold
  • Chainsaw Operations
  • Electrical Tagging
  • First Aid (Silver)

At AusStyle Roofing we only use the highest quality, most trusted roofing products and materials. AusStyle Metal Roofing will not only install your new Colorbond roof, but can also install new metal fascia, guttering (and leaf guard) and downpipes. See our website services pages for more information.

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We Offer A Complete Quote, So There Won’t Be Any Nasty Surprises

AusStyle Roofing makes sure everything is included, such as the removal of the existing roof materials and their disposal, replacement with colorbond metal (including all your roof’s needs like foil blanket, battens, guttering, down pipes, trays for skylights, roof ventilators and the list goes on), and then a final tidy up.

Steep roofs, difficult site access, smaller roofs, asbestos cement roofs also play contributing factors to the cost of your roof replacement.

AusStyle Roofing services the following areas:

  • Central Coast

  • Newcastle

  • Sydney North Shore

  • Sydney Northern Beaches

  • Sydney Hills District

  • Sydney Hornsby Shire

  • Sydney Western Sydney

AusStyle Roofing frequently get calls for people who just want a rough roof replacement cost. It is also a popular search term in Google.

So for those visitors who are looking for some ideas about roof replacement costs, simply call or e-mail AusStyle Roofing for an estimate, we will attend your property within 3 working days and you will have your obligation free quote within a further 2 days.

This way you can budget on an exact price that won’t change at the end of the contract.

 “Do It Right The First Time!”

Through years of experience, AusStyle Roofing has come to specialise in roof replacements. Access to properties can often be difficult, the roofs can be steep and properties can be many stories but AusStyle Roofing have all the necessary qualifications to complete the job regardless of difficulty and that includes homes with extensions.

At AusStyle Metal Roofing, we pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time. This means we are on time, we complete the work when scheduled and there are no hidden costs. Then only variable in our well organised company is the weather!

On completion of the job, an AusStyle Roofing representative will inspect the work with you and if you have any queries or concerns these can be raised and resolved immediately.

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